ASP VITAPLEX 03 Bond Preserver


VITAPLEX 03 Take Home Treatment
Maintains improved hair condition and mimics the keratin structure with intelligent peptide replacement  that smooths cuticle  and boosts strength & volume.  RAV19 complex technology allows Vitaplex 03 to rebuild damaged hair the way nature intended.


Vitaplex 03 Bond Preserver is a take-home strengthening treatment for clients to maintain the significantly improved health and condition of their hair. Utilising unique  technology allows Vitaplex to rebuild damaged hair the way nature intended.

RAV19 Complex reconstructs the damaged areas of the keratin structure by replicating and replacing, in exact sequence and quantity, the 19 amino acids that can be destroyed during chemical services, effectively restoring the hair to its natural state.

Used in conjunction with an In-Salon treatment of Vitaplex 01 & Vitaplex 02 The 3-Part system is designed to repair, strengthen and protect the hair from breakage during the coloring and lightening process and can also be used as a stand-alone treatment to repair previously damaged hair. After just one treatment, hair looks and feels significantly healthier, with restored strength, suppleness and volume.



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